There are several ways Rotarians and non-Rotarians can support RAGMHI's efforts to promote positive mental health to help children, adults and families lead meaningful and productive lives.
  • Rotarians in good standing, family members of Rotarians, and Rotary program participants and alumni can become members of RAGMHI with an Annual Membership Subscription* ($25 per year) Tell me more
  • Others can become Friends of RAGMHI with an Annual Friend's Subscription*($50 per year)Tell me more*Anyone can make an additional donation to RAGMHI to enhance support to its administrative costs including this website Tell me more
  • Everyone can contribute directly to a mental health initiative recognized and supported by RAGMHI  Tell me more
  • Annual Club Memberships are available to clubs with a current mental health initiative for $100 per year.  Your club can become a member if you commit to initiate or continue a mental health initiative over the next 12 months.  Please provide specific examples of your projects with your payment of club dues.