Resources: Speakers
Presentation Titles: Pandora’s Pandemic – a Focus on Hope & Resilience, Why Leaders Need to Transform How We Think About Mental Health in the Workplace
Name:  Bonnie Black, PDG
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Club membership: Plattsburgh, NY USA
Presentation Titles: How to Find Peace in Times of Uncertainty; How Employers Can Support Employees' Mental Health During the Pandemic; Fighting Anxiety in the Midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic: 7 Things You Can Do to Stay Calm;  How to Hack Your Mental Wellness in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Name: Mike Veny
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Club membership: eClub of Wall Street New York USA
Presentation Titles: The Happiness Challenge; First Aid Depression in India
Name: Rita Aggarwal
Contact Email:
Club membership: Nagpur, India
Presentation Titles: Organizing Work and District level activities in the Rotary Spirit; Recovering from Frontline Worker Burnout
Name: Professor Geetha Jayaram MBBS, MBA 
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Club membership: Howard West – Maryland USA
Presentation Title: Maintaining your Sanity during COVID 19
Name: Larry Kubiak
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Club membership: Tallahassee, Florida USA
Presentation Title: How to... Spark a mental health initiative
Name: Bob Anthony
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Club Membership: Naples, Florida USA
Presentation Title: ABCs for Success: Strategies for maintaining and regaining mental health and wellness
Name:  Dwaine Souveny
Contact Email:
Club membership: Red Deer Rotary Sunrise, Alberta Canada
Presentation Title: Mental Health Education For Teens and Their Families
Name: Leslie Glass
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Club Membership: Sarasota Bay, Florida USA
Presentation Title: Don't Bottle It Up Campaign - Creating Mental Health Awareness in Your Club & Community
Name: Darren Hands
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Club Membership: Plympton, Great Britain