A two-hour workshop was organised by RAGMHI, at CDS school on 25th September 2017 for students of Std 8, 9, and 10th along with their teachers. There were about 350 students and a dozen teachers.
Rita Aggarwal (Director RAGMHI and Manodaya), spoke on depression, its signs and symptoms among teenagers, the stigma attached to mental illness and the need to remove it.  She urged the students to understand this disease and learn to help themselves and their friends in trouble.
This was followed by a role play by the counsellors of Manodaya: Kunal Ashtikar, Shrishti Murarka and Rucha Vaidya, depicting the impact of ragging and bullying behaviour by peers on a teenager who is submissive and begins to suffer depression as a consequence. It also showed how ‘first aid’ can be given to such a student by a peer and a teacher by empathic listening and encouraging him to talk about his problems.
The students were highly engaged by asking them to volunteer in pairs, and depict what is good handling and bad handling of a teen in depression. The involvement and participation of students was tremendous and very encouraging. Mrs. Nisha Saraf, Director of the school, was present throughout and loved the workshop. The principal, Mr. Kenneth Mindonca, was also present throughout and gave a wonderful review.  More such programs can be done for students of high school.   Please contact Rita Aggarwal in the Nagpur region to make arrangements.