Tutoring in Rural Villages: The Need
Many barriers can make it difficult to attend school for children in rural Karnataka, India. For those who do attend, many children cannot stay in school without some tutoring help.   This appears insurmountable to families that do not know how to access help.
Some children become agricultural workers at a very young age when the family has debt. Some children have health problems that interfere with their school attendance. Some simply need help to catch up to classmates.
This region is known to have low literacy rates, acute poverty, and a low human development index. The various ethnic groups located here are categorized by the government as Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Other Backward Classes.
But there is hope!  This community centre will provide a place for helping to improve emotional wellness and literacy for all children and families in the Yellapur region, including the Siddi population, a Scheduled Tribe. $50,000 will purchase land and construct a community centre to provide a permanent location for multiple services for the members of 52 villages of Karnataka, India. It would buy land and the construction of a community centre to benefit everyone in the Yellapur community.
Owning land and a building will significantly improve communication among the population and resource providers. The Centre will provide counseling, education, and connection to resources for the villagers. This Centre will also provide a place where people can ask about resources for health, education, and employment.  Here is a video clip about the Siddi: National Geographic showcase
The first director of the non-profit owning the property will be Ramnath Siddi. He was born in this area and went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Currently, he travels by motorcycle to connect with the rural villagers. Donations can be made to: Rotary Club of Wellesley Foundation, Inc., PO Box 812001, Wellesley, MA 02482 or through the website at: www.ramnathsiddicommunitycentre.com.