Posted by Bill Farrow

District 5450

My club, Boulder Valley Rotary Club in Colorado (US), has been active in a variety of local mental health projects over the last three years. 
In early 2015, a group of clubs that either had mental health projects or were interested in learning more created an informal committee we named Rotary Mental Health Initiatives. The committee includes MH professionals who are not in Rotary.
In December 2015, we organized a mental health expo in Denver, Colorado. 33 mental health organizations had booths. 550 people, mostly Rotarians, attended. The Governor of Colorado spoke about the State’s progress and plans regarding mental health resources. There was also a great speaker from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who told of her personal experiences dealing with mental health issues.  We think it was the largest public mental health education event in our state’s history. Feedback from participants was excellent. 
The Denver Rotary club is the primary sponsor for our Rotary Mental Health Initiatives. This is a committee of clubs and non-Rotarians with an interest in Mental Wellness. It is not a District 5450 committee but we work closely with the District. Our website is 
Our current goal is to greatly expand the number of clubs that are involved in Mental Wellness awareness, education and local projects.  We see ourselves as providing support and encouragement to the local clubs throughout the District.