Our clubs are where Rotary’s humanitarian work begins. At weekly meetings, members not only catch up with friends and hear what’s happening in our communities, they also exchange ideas for creating positive change. But there's one topic which is not usual meeting fodder: mental health.
And why is that?
It doesn't matter if you are in Berlin, Baghdad, Belize or Boston.  Stigma hinders open discussion and without open discussion, how can we take appropriate ACTION as Rotarians?
A recent journal article in World Psychiatry addresses, in an academic manner, STIGMA.  It is thorough with substantive global research.  Take a look - then self-reflect - and Take Action.  Think about the last time your Rotary club had Mental Health as a program topic...we can assist you in providing insight and action for your club.
Our RAG's hope is that we can empower and educate our members to be the global spokespersons to begin breaking the barrier of STIGMA.  It's up to each of us to take action!
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