An Interact teen addresses mental health at the UN this Friday, March 25, 2022.  The brief presentation starts at 11:20am and is titled 'Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health: Positive Well-Being'. The free registration link is
Visit us in the House of Friendship booth number 1032 at the 2022 Rotary International Convention in Houston, Texas. 
Action Group Chapters
Members are encouraged to start a local Action Group chapter and we are happy to help.  Newly formed District Action Groups are already changing communities in India, Nigeria and the USA. We are documenting how they achieved their success so you do not need to re-invent the wheel. Simply contact us to ask for the draft toolkit on forming a local chapter.
District 3030 Action Group newsletters confirm how the the community is engaged. One example is a global grant project where the Tirpude College of Social Work is training teachers to earn a full year Diploma in School Counseling. Teachers from 5 schools are attending half-day Fridays and Saturdays for 40 weeks to achieve this while working full-time as teachers. In the new school year they will then instruct all age 13 students in the schools on depression awareness.
Post a Project
Tell us about your ideas or actions.  A template to share your  project is online in the Rotary Showcase. Action group members - you will want your project to be easy to find so please start the project Title as 'Mental Health Initiatives...' or else add that phrase into the search tags provided within the template.
For details download the instruction document. If you are seeking partners, choose the online template options < Add a New Project: ADD A PROPOSED PROJECT SEEKING PARTNERS.  
Confront Stigma
Our clubs are where Rotary’s humanitarian work begins. At weekly meetings, members not only catch up with friends and hear what’s happening in our communities, they also exchange ideas for creating positive change. But there's one topic which is not usual meeting fodder: mental health. And why is that? Stigma.
It doesn't matter if you are in Berlin, Baghdad, Belize or Boston.  Stigma hinders open discussion and without open discussion, how can we take appropriate ACTION as Rotarians? A recent journal article in World Psychiatry addresses, in an academic manner, STIGMA.  It is thorough with substantive global research.  Take a look - then self-reflect - and Take Action.  Think about the last time your Rotary club had Mental Health as a program topic...we can assist you in providing insight and action for your club. Our RAG's hope is that we can empower and educate our members to be the global spokespersons to begin breaking the barrier of STIGMA.  It's up to each of us to take action!