Global health, including mental health, has been a focus 'down under' in Australia for over a decade.

Australian Rotary Health is one of the largest independent funders of mental health research within Australia.


They also provide funding into a broad range of general health areas, provide scholarships for rural medical and nursing students, as well as Indigenous health students. Australian Rotary Health provides funding into areas of health that do not readily attract funding, and promotes findings to the community.

Australian Rotary Health is a project of the Rotary Districts of Australia and is supported by Rotary Clubs.  They have a broad vision to improve the health and wellbeing of all Australians include mental health.

Professor Phillip Hazell received a Mental Health Research Grant (2010) at the University of Sydney, NSW titled, “Sleep, puberty and depression,” which looked at the preliminary evidence from studies of adolescents and young adults to suggest that sleep problems precede the onset of depressive episodes by several months. This study was the beginning of a program leading to new approaches to the detection and early intervention of depression in adolescents.

Check out their website for their current research and events - think of which could work in your club or district!