1 JULY Membership Dues
At the April Board of Directors meeting, a decision was made to bring all RAGMHI dues into line with the standard Rotary year.
Having dues based on the date of membership was confusing to our members and carried a large administrative burden for our volunteer Membership Chair and Treasurer.  The Board felt that it would be easier for Rotarians to remember the date of 1 July, so effective with the new Rotary year of 2018-2019, all RAGMHI dues for Rotarians ($25) would be due.
Friends remain at $50 and also billed on the 1 July date;  Clubs with active mental health projects in their local or global communities will have their $100 dues also billed on that date.
Please remember, Clubs are asked to send a 2-paragraph description of their project, whether grant-funded or not, along with 2-3 photos to RAGMHI Chair Bonnie Black at bonblack@yahoo.com.  Look for your project to be featured in a future Bulletin!