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Diploma in School Counseling + student curriculum

Teachers learn skills of School Counselling
By Rita Aggarwal
Posted: 2023-04-29T20:44:08Z


1. 10 teachers from 5 schools have earned the Diploma in School Counselling.

2. All teachers of 5 schools have been trained in the "Break Free from Depression" module.

3. Most parents of Std 8 children have been trained in the "Break Free from Depression' module

4. All Std 8 students of the 5 schools have been trained in the "Break Free from Depression' module.

5. Psychological counselling services started from July 1 2023.


2280 - Completed curriculum

768 - Number of parents and faculty participating in psycho-education on depression prevention


The launch was in November and they graduated December 2022. Two in the co-hort hosted live seminars - one presented to 100 teachers and a one presented to parents. They facilitated the delivery of the Break Free From Depression curriculum with the entire grade of age 13 students in four schools. The pre- post surveys confirmed significant improvement in Knowledge, Negative Attitude, and Confidence in help-seeking.

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