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Rotary community assessment of wellbeing-snapshot

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Looking Inward
Looking Inward
By Bob Anthony
Posted: 2023-04-29T22:20:00Z

An unexpected outcome following this presentation at the 6960 District Assembly was to start exploring a potential collaboration addressing pre- and postpartum depression, working an area university and a hospital. It actually served to illustrate the point of this new toolkit, that the Four Way Test asks us to look inward so that we may better help others. The Looking Inward questionnaire was developed by psychologist Sharon Carter from the Rotary Club of Naples, Florida in the USA. It is not a diagnostic instrument, just an interesting way to quickly gauge club wellbeing and cohesiveness.

The Looking Inward toolkit is a free download from this website.

In 20 minutes, the presentation and autonomous questionnaire prompts conversation and ideas for improving communication and connectedness by addressing the obstacles. Following the presentation, ideas included introducing coping skills to balance the weight of life's worries and creating opportunities to share member's life experiences. (The latter idea led to helping maternity nurses assess new parents for depression and encourage participation in 'new parent workshops' that address the disorder.)


·        Breaks stigma and prompts communication and connection

·        Identifies people skills that can be improved, including self-talk

·        Labels obstacles and ideas to overcome them

·        Encourages new ideas for improving wellbeing

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