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January 2023 Newsletter

As many of you will be aware, we have changed the platform on which our website is located on.  This has given us the opportunity to try something different with our newsletter.  

The board looks forward to hearing your comments on this new email based newsletter rather than the PDF attachment we have previously used.  So, please drop me an email at with your thoughts and comments.

International Assembly

Rotary International President Elect Gordon McInally announced that mental health should be one of the areas Rotarians look to address in the coming year.  "Rotary members should offer hope to those affected by mental health challenges — a crisis exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have lost family members, many more have found their social networks uprooted, and young people especially have had their educational and developmental paths interrupted. As a result, more people around the world are facing mental health issues. And yet, seeking assistance is often perceived as a sign of weakness.

"Nothing could be further from the truth," McInally said. "Reaching out for help is courageous — and continuing on a path toward wellness is even more so."

To see the video of his message to the incoming District Governors at the International Assembly please go to this link (you will need to sign in to MyRotary) - R. Gordon R. McInally wants Rotary members to create hope in the world | Rotary International

Sticking with the International Assembly, our Vice-Chair, Dr. Geetha Jayaram, also spoke to the delegates on how clubs & districts can be successfully engaged in Mental Health projects.

Following her talk and that of RI President-elect Gordon, we have noticed a further increase in members of our action group.

Extracts of her talk can be found on our Facebook page -

Our Rotary Action Group was well represented at the International Assembly.  Joining Geetha there was also our Membership Chair, Hauwa Abbas - in her role as a Cadre and Larry Kubiak who became an Arch Klumph Fellow! Larry’s generosity will impact people and communities around the world for decades to come!

For those who may not know, this is a $250,000 donation to the Rotary Foundation!


The Rotary - Bipolar UK Partnership

Bipolar UK is delighted to be working in partnership with Rotary Great Britain and Ireland. Together, they aim to reach and support 20% more people affected by bipolar in the first year. Together, we are making a real difference.

In this video, Gordon McInally, Rotary International President Elect (2022-23) and Bipolar UK ambassador, talks about the growing mental health challenges and explains why he feels so committed to supporting Bipolar UK.

Gordon McInally - Rotary International President Elect (2022-2023) - YouTube

Brain Trust

To assist the Board with the work we undertake and will be looking to undertake following RI President-elect Gordon’s recent announcement, we have created a Braintrust to help with this.
This Braintrust comprises of the following members of our Action Group:

Pallavi Gowda
Alan Turner
Kelsey Mitchell
Peter Verbeeck
Sharon Carter
Megha Sharma

Open Meetings

Note that the 2023 Open Member meetings have a new Zoom link which is on the homepage of the website ( ) or using Zoom Meeting ID number 834 0892 3476.

They start at 9am New York time and the 2023 dates are

  • February 11
  • April 8
  • June 10
  • August 12
  • October 14
  • December 9

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